April 5, 2011

Caribbean Cruise, March 2011 (slideshow)

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For the past two years, during Jeff's spring break, he and I have gone to Europe. These trips, while not elaborate or luxe, are masterpieces of research, planning and organizing. I know that Jeff would not want to "wing it" and he doesn't care for unstructured meandering. I found out in London that Jeff won't tolerate impromptu consultation with a map or guidebook either. So around January this year, I pored over the Internet to work out a trip to Belgium and the Netherlands.

But it was not to be. Jeff went off the rails for most of February and a European trip just seemed too daunting. I assumed we would spend spring break here, with Jeff playing with his cars and complaining of boredom, and me, pouting.

In February, I had an inspiration: a cruise! So my friend Meiya, Jeff and I headed to the Port of Miami for a week's cruise to Roatan, Honduras and Cozumel, Mexico on Celebrity Cruises' CENTURY. Meiya and I had a great time lounging, playing trivia games (best score ever on the Broadway musicals trivia contest), singing karaoke and eating. Jeff had a wonderful time, doing whatever it is he did aboard ship. We saw him for meals and occasionally he passed by us.

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