November 19, 2013

Photo fatigue

My friend Mark once explained to me that while he loved cats, he is not interested in seeing photos of his friend's cats. (I myself am generally up for any cat-viewing on offer.)

Last week, I had the realization that I don't care for viewing photos of strangers' children and grandchildren. I have a dear friend who whips out her phone photo album every time we get together . . . . I don't know those people, much less their descendents!

Now I realize that I have been in the habit of sharing photos of our part-time cat, Inky. In other words, I bore my friends with pictures of a stranger's cat. To everyone, I can only say "mea culpa."

Uncle Philip and Aunt Diana (photo)

My step-brother Philip and wife, Diana

November 16, 2013

Arlo Guthrie (photo)

Alas, this is slightly blurry, but Meiya and I did ask Arlo if we could take a photo with him. Hart took the picture but he was mortified that we were such dorks.

Two ears x two boys = four surgeries (photos)