July 30, 2010

Not in Kansas anymore (slideshow)

We had a grand time with Jakob and Patrick, aka Mr. D.J. and Mr. H as they were known at Cove School. I loved watching the entire two seasons of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS with the subtitles on, and learning the "Danish word of the Day." 4th of July food, Sweet Tomatoes restaurant and chili dogs were a success. Root beer, Fig Newtons . . . not a hit.

Jeff went off to camp, then I went off to Peru, leaving the guys in charge of the house. Now that I have returned, it's awfully quiet here. How can we entice them to come back? We do have Big Red gum and low-priced Vans sneakers here.

Favorite quotes from the visit:

On being introduced to Cove 7th and 8th graders,

"Does anyone know where Denmark is?"

Yes, in Kansas.

Jeff on being asked if he likes having two Danish guys stay at his

No! I love it!