April 24, 2011


All of us parents of special needs high school juniors and seniors are in a cold sweat. What are our kids going to do post-high school? I am ahead of the game since I can see Hart's and Jeff's strengths so clearly. My prediction for future careers:

Jeff, grifter. Jeff shows amazing aptitude for the confidence game. He is a genius at elaborate cons, involving his parents, caregivers, teachers and classmates. Although I am chagrined at this, I do have to marvel at the skill involved.

Hart, neighborhood crazy person. I recently told Hart's social worker that even I am creeped out by the strange gait, bizarre outbursts and non-sequiters mid-conversation, and constant muttering. Every community has a strange, harmless resident. I suspect I know who that will be.

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JFS in IL said...

Sounds like my Joe. Ah, Illinois - land of zilch adult services! I hope/plan to MOVE to a better state (where?) once my youngest is out of high school.