November 5, 2008

Obama's landslide

I tried to encourage Jeff to stay up last night to experience the historic significance of Barack Obama's presidential win. Alas, at 9:15 pm, Jeff insisted we leave D's party. At home watching TV, when Obama's win was announced at 10:01 pm., I had to scream alone in the privacy of my own living room.

In the car en route to and from the party, we had listened to the returns. I explained how the Electoral College worked and why we had to pay attention to the state returns.

I talked about the significance of having our first black president, in terms I hope Jeff can understand. Are we Americans past racism? Of course not. But this hurdle must be considered a huge leap over the burden of racism that has plagued our country for its entire history.

The news reporters (appropriately) inteviewed black Americans about their feelings. But it's a huge accomplishment for Barack Obama and his supporters and volunteers, and in fact, all Americans.

In the next presidential election, Hart and Jeff will be able to vote in the real election. That fact is something I can barely contemplate. This morning, Jeff said I should have woken him!

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