November 20, 2008

Imagine That: Part II

T, I recently picked up a copy of the book Imagine That: Letters From Russell.

I was reading the list of credits and thank-yous and saw your name listed. I have to believe there's only one of you.

It looks like it would have a very interesting project. I'm a bit more than halfway through the book and am enjoying it greatly.

Small world, yes?

How coool! I am so glad you are enjoying the book. Lydia is a dear friend and she will be so thrilled you are reading a copy. She lives in Evanston and composed that after Russell died as a tribute to him. That IS me in those credits along with my former business partner. We helped Lydia type copy since there was so much to type and she was gracious (because that is how she is) to mention us. Lambda did the design and layout but Lydia did get to approve it. If you ever want to meet the author just let me know. Small world, yes.


Wow! That is awesome. It's the beauty of having something in print. Unlike the blog, which just goes out into the ether, there are 1000s of that printed book . . . out there somewhere.

The world gets smaller with every email. Lydia lives here in Evanston? I would absolutely like to meet her and even ask for her autograph! She sounds like a good person to know from the letters. That she compiled a book from the letters she saved is impressive and says a lot about her. That they corresponded so openly and honestly for many years comes from another century of letter writers, not this one.I am now about 3/4 of the way through the book. Russell was an outstanding writer for his age. I have to believe he would have gone on to much success in the publishing world if he had lived. How privileged I am to be reading it. You are part of the book. The author lives in Evanston. I work in Evanston. I “just happened” to find the book at the Brown Elephant... Coincidences?

Wondering, B

Hi Lydia,
I am wondering if you would like to meet B (because he would like to meet you) for lunch or coffee sometime in Evanston over his lunch break. I can be there too and would treat. He is so enjoying the book that I said, "perhaps you would like to meet Lydia" and he said yes (see my note and his).

Sorry, I just had an overwhelming feeling that you and he would be fast friends. Seriously, I really did, and it was a STRONG feeling so I spoke before asking you. But then I thought, Lydia is friendly and outgoing and likes to meet new people so what the heck.

By the way, I have never even met him face to face. He is a new contact for me so we all may need to wear signs because in person you are not green sepia like the book jacket.

That is so amazing. Lambda Publishing used the books as giveaways for various events within the gay community, so I am not surprised that copies occasionally turn up at the Brown Elephant and Powell's Book Store.

Yes, it sure would be fun to meet B.

Now even Jeff has software on his computer. I could just read the material aloud and have the computer create text. Ten years ago OCR was rare and expensive, remember?

Let's do it! L

B, thanks for your note. It really was a treat. As I said, Russell is with me daily, but the book is sort of old history. I am delighted that Russell's words live on, out there, somewhere. That is exacty what I set out to do.

Your discovery of the book is sort of a 2nd chapter to the whole saga. I was so pleased to tell Russell's partner about you finding the book. He is a prominent musician in San Francisco. We were all so bohemian poor back then! I concur with you that had Russell lived, he would have found great success with his writing.

Please give my best to your writers' group. I look forward to your book launch party!

B, Talking about the book made me curious to see what's happening with it.

Please forgive a bit of self-promotion . . . the online comments are interesting.

Windy City Times Interview 1999

The book is owned by a number of public and academic libraries. The catalog shows that Gerber Hart, Seattle and San Francisco libraries have it, so do Harvard and Princeton. Whoo-hoo.

November 25

I recently found out that Imagine That is actually quoted from and appears in the bibliography of The Lure of the Logic by John Paul Ricco.

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