February 4, 2009

A Very Short Play

As the curtain rises, Cinderlydia is seen sobbing quietly in her own little corner. The evil step-brothers have been mean and disrespectful to her. Since she is old enough to be their mother, she does all the cooking, cleaning, washing and marketing for them without complaint. But the brothers take her for granted and treat her poorly. Just then, in a puff of smoke, a beautiful woman appears.

FG: Why are you crying, my child?

C: How did you get in? Who are you?

FG: I am your fairy godmother.

C: Jewish people have fairy godmothers?

FG: Everyone has a fairy godmother.

C: Really? Where have you been for the past few years?

FG: You are not my only client, you know. I have a very heavy caseload. Now about that ball, let's get to work.

C: What ball? I'm not invited to a ball. Hey, do you have any spare princes handy?

FG: No can do. That's strictly against regulations. You have to provide your own prince. I'm more in the makeover line. You know . . . pumpkins into carriages, schmattes into couture.

C: I really don't need a fancy ball gown.

FG: Hmmm. Ready-to-wear really killed the fairy godmothering business. If you aren't invited to a ball, and you don't need a new frock or a beautiful carriage, why I am here?

C: My two little evil step-brothers are just being particularly difficult. I don't know if there's anything you can do for me.

FG: Tell you what. You say there are two of them? I'll take one over to the next kingdom. Very progressive school at that castle. Once he's educated and civilized, I'll bring him back.

C: Well, OK. You're sure he'll be well-taken care of?

FG: Rumpelstiltskin is great with children. You'll see.

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