February 17, 2009

IMAGINE THAT: LETTERS FROM RUSSELL finds new fans now and then

Dear B,

I finished the book with the tears I knew I'd have. (Even though I peeked at the ending - more than once.) I am so sorry I never got to know - or even hear about - Russell. He was an amazing writer, with such courage, humor and downright humanity, that I envy those who knew him well, loved him well, even though the pain of losing him had to be terrible. I've said before, in similar circumstances, where a friend or relative had lost a most accomplished and admirable person - despite your pain, you, at least got to know and love that person. The rest of us never did.

But for Russell himself - I hardly know how to understand such a gallant human being. In every situation he chose the side of goodness. And he was true to his writing gift, his beliefs, and his friendships, as long as he lived. I'll never found an answer that lets me accept why some people die too soon or don't live long enough--actually I don't know what "too soon" or "not long enough" means, spiritually speaking. Children die before their purpose and potential barely begin. Elderly people live long enough to see too many people they loved die before them.

And yet, people like Russell, (and others I know), draw in happiness and purpose and love with their every breath. So happy that they rarely complain on their own behalf.

This book should be re-published and/or re-publicized. Thank you for giving me the chance to read it.

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