August 29, 2008

You Look Just Fine! mailbag

Dear YLJF,

I have worked for a fairly conservative financial office for almost twenty years. I recently realized that I am the only woman there wearing pantyhose. Although my co-workers wear professional-looking dresses and separates, it is a forest of bare legs!
_______________________________ Nylon Nihilism

Let me share a few letters from the You Look Just Fine! archives.

Atlanta, April 1986-I will be a June bride. Unfortunately my church is not air-conditioned. Will anyone care if I don't wear pantyhose with my long dress?

Cleveland, August 1992-Every summer my firm holds a summer team-building retreat. Attendance is mandatory. I plan to wear summer suits or casual skirts so that I will still be professionally dressed. Must I wear pantyhose to outdoor programs?

There are two appropriate answers to this question. To see which one applies to you, N.N., answer this question:

Do you have a tattoo?


You are over forty. Wear pantyhose with dressy dresses and professional suits if you feel comfortable doing so. However, you are not permitted to malign your younger colleagues as vulgar, tasteless or slutty.


You are under forty. You go, girl! Thank goodness pantyhose have gone the way of chastity belts, girdles and white gloves. You may wear them if you choose, but not ironically.

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