September 18, 2007

You Look Just Fine! mailbag

Dear YLJF,

I have really missed your column. It's September and I have a related question. I grew up with the rule that white shoes could only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but now the fashion press says that is passé. Can I really wear my white shoes year-round?

______________________________________ Bright White

Pssssst, BW,

The fashion mavens and magazines do not care how you look or whether your clothes are comfortable or flattering. They exist solely to sell you more stuff! Hence, the constant revision of the "fashion rules."

There is a rule about when to wear white shoes. With three exceptions--working as a hospital nurse, as a bride at your own wedding, playing tennis--the time to wear white shoes is NEVER. They are hideous.

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Chris said...

Lydia: is that you?? I am so tech challanged, never been on a blog good to see information on you and the twins, have thought of you often. Ana is now 13 and we adopted her half brother, Artur, now 6, 4 years ago. Ana has faced (is facing) multiple issues, mood disorder, attachment disorder, compulsive disorder, Arturs is just a non-stop tornado. There are days I could just melt (down). But they are beautiful, I love them to death, and they have taken Aivars and I on an incredable journey. Would love to hear more about yours..Chris DerDerian