June 16, 2006


. . . offers a range of recreational activities for your child to enjoy including: tennis, archery, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, biking, arts and crafts, outdoor living, skills, ropes courses, instructional and free swim, fishing, canoeing, pontoon boat rides, scavenger hunts, and cookouts, special outings including bowling and miniature golf.

Hart is going to overnight camp the first time. Some kids go to sports camp, some to music camp or science camp: Hart is going to social skills camp. I was thrilled to hear about this new program:
"a week-long, overnight summer camp experience for boys and girls who have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Learning Disabilities, ADD, ADHD, High Functioning Autism, or related disorders that have a significant impact on social skills development."
Overnight camp is the ultimate social experiment for children. They fly away, lose all their belongings, try a bit of independence, then come home. Unlike the progressive Jewish-Zionist camp that I attended and loved as a kid, this week for Hart looks to be more of a controlled social experiment.
"The Camp provides a unique camp experience designed to foster friendships and positive social interactions among campers in a supportive, safe, and structured atmosphere."

Hart is apprehensively looking forward to his week away, but me, I am ecstatic.

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