May 18, 2012

In the Garden of Beasts, Eric Larsen

I just finished reading an interesting book "In the Garden of Beasts" -- about events in Germany in the 1930s, as seen through the eyes of the American ambassador.
My family must have been very worried about the political situation, but nothing was ever said while we kids were around, so I guess you can say we had a normal childhood. My dad must have thought, like so many others, 'Hey, I was awarded the Iron Cross for my service during World War One, they wouldn't do anything to me, would they?' It wasn't till he was forced to close his medical practice that the decision was made to get out of Germany.

________________ Erica Stux

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Luxembourg said...

I am a huge Erik Larson fan and bought this book with great anticipation. While I finished it and cannot say I disliked it, nor did I find it as compelling as his other work. The narrative seems almost stereotypic in outlining the horrors of Nazi Germany--perfectly accurate of course--but the book never reached any sort of crescendo, as it did in his other works. The plot boils down to: unusual choice for Ambassador goes to Germany; sees Nazi horrors; is largely ignored; and returns home to warn others about what he saw. Again, all accurate and true to the point, but nothing that, in some form or another, any well read person hasn't seem time and again. As my title suggests--flat. Anyone new to this author would be better served with Devil in the White City--a far more exciting and compelling read.