March 4, 2012


I have been thinking about senior year. Jeff and Hart are not done with their education, but this is Jeff's last year Cove School. He has been quite conflicted about it. Sometimes, he has parroted the other seniors who profess to be glad to be getting out, at other times he has been wistful, saying, "What will I do after Cove?" I feel the same way. Jeff has been at Cove School eleven years, longer than any other student there. So, in essence, I have been there eleven years. This is has been my community, too, my safe haven among other special needs parents and caring teachers who love my son and are committed to his well-being.

Last night I attend the annual Cove School benefit. My last one as a Cove parent. It was lovely, and I know many people there. Of course, I am a veteran of many of these, eleven of them. Fun, but bittersweet.

But, lest I get complacent about the future trajectory for Jeff, here I am, as I write, sitting in the emergency room of the hospital. Things had been going very well for Jeff overall, although he started developing some worrisome tics a few months ago. His doctor suggested taking him off of one medication. He did fairly well, although the doctor warned us that he might be irritable, which he was! Then last week, he started having paranoid delusions, which has NEVER happened. I was summoned to collect him from school. Then a visit to the neurologist and he was back on track. However, tonight after getting home from dad's, Jeff sent some troubling emails to his teacher, and got aggressive and upset when asked about it. After I gave him a chance to cool down, I found him hiding in a closet and he refused to come out.

Off to the hospital. Turns out he is okay now, and did not have to stay overnight. Note to self: I do not have the luxury of complacency. Maybe Jeff and I can both do volunteer work for Cove in perpetuity.

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