December 16, 2010

Heartbreaking evidence

I spent this afternoon again in the depth of the archive of the Jewish community. I found there something not really pleasant.

Samuel Stux - married to Katharina Loeb - had 7 daughters & 1 son.

One of these daughters was Malvine and another one was Amalie (born 25 Oct 1869).

This Amalie was married to Sandor (Alexander) Braun and 1 daughter & 4 sons.

Daughter Emma (b. 1 Jan 1899) got married to Emil Philippovic. These 2 had a daughter called Ilse Ernestine, born 1929 and died already at the age of 12 years in 1941. (family book p 102.)

The archivist looked in his files and found a file where Ilse is buried and there is mentioned why she died: Bromalpneunomie bei Idiotie = pneumonia with idiocy.

And according to t
hat file she died at Baumgartenhöhe which is know here as where the mentally sick people are treated. A 12-year old girl?

So the archivist searched in his computer and found more information which is provided by the documentation archive (DÖW) and there it says she was indeed in the part of Baumgartenhöhe called 'Spiegelgrund'.

This 'hospital' Spiegelgrund was the place where the Nazis 'fulfilled' their children euthanasia programme . . .

Spiegelgrund, Deutsch

Spiegelgrund, English


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