September 16, 2010

New fridge, old rules

I finally replaced my early 80s refrigerator, which meant I threw away more than half of the fridge magnets I've accumulated in twenty years, a number of not-so-hilarious-anymore New Yorker cartoons, and other detritus than was affixed to my fridge. I realize it's time to dispose of two documents: a list of household rules that I devised for Hart and Jeff years ago, and a behavior scale that Jeff used in his social skills group a while back. They bear duplicating. The magnets are not so interesting.
Household rules
  • Follow directions
  • No hitting, kicking or spitting
  • No swearing
  • Ask before you use something that doesn't belong to you
  • Answer when called
  • Burp or fart in the bathroom ONLY
  • Use inside voice
Practicing Friend Behavior

Fill in each number with the behaviors you think fit each level . . .

  • 5 Against the law. Hurtful, Threatening, Screaming in people's faces. "I'm gonna kill you!" "I'm going to hurt you."
  • 4 Scary Behavior. Yelling "Shut Up!" Yelling "I Hate You!" Running away
  • 3 Odd behavior. Copying "bad" behavior. Chewing paper. Talking and laughing to yourself. Copying silly things. Silly communications.
  • 2 Reasonable Behavior. What people would expect from a high schooler. Behavior makes sense. Telling people your feelings in a nice, calm voice. Inviting friends to "Lunch Bunch." When something doesn't feel right: Ignoring others. Moving away. Finding an adult to help.
  • 1 Social Behavior. Hanging out with friends. Saying "hi." Asking a friend, "What did you do?" Sharing information in a relaxed way.

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Ruth said...

I had to give up my magnetic fridge for a cork board. Alas the kids grow older and so do we...