August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Memorandum: All school staff

While I am justifiably proud of Jeff's summer accomplishments, I confess that his swindling and petty crime skills have also improved. I am attempting to be proactive in heading off the usual fall crime spree:

Jeff does not have discretionary spending money. If he needs money for school, I will send a check or a sealed envelope with a note. If Jeff has cash, be suspicious.

No gifts, souvenirs, prizes, toys from anyone. No trading or buying or selling or bartering with other students. Ever.

Jeff is not permitted to enter any retail establishment. Food court only, on sanctioned trips to the mall.

Jeff may not carry toys around school. I suspect he will sneak them to school, but you have carte blanche to confiscate anything that causes inattention or disruption. Just don't send it back home.

I also want to say how much I appreciate everyone's fondness for Jeff, but please don't give him stuff or ask me if it's OK to do it. This is a serious issue in our household. Don't be an enabler.

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James O'Hagan said...

I was completely unaware of this blog, but I am reading through it now with great interest. This is a real eye opener for me and helps me understand Jeff so much better. Thank you for opening up and sharing this.

--Mr. O'Hagan