May 31, 2010

"Rabbi, is there a blessing for AWESOME?"

2010 JRC Kallah, Memorial Day at Camp Beber with Hart

Hart and I had an amazing time this weekend. Hart was an active participant the whole weekend. He volunteered for "Kamp Kallah," helping with children's activities and babysitting, which meant doing a patrol shift of the sleeping kids. He went to all the social activities for the older kids: an ice cream social, a dance AND a midnight party at Taco Bell just for the counselors. He did a demonstration of Jedi Knight moves for the Talent Show.
I think people who don't know us were surprised to hear that Hart has disabilities because you might not have known it from his behavior (although I heard his toy elephant went to Taco Bell, too). The weekend isn't very structured and the kids, especially the older ones, have a lot of latitude to do what they want.

I told Hart that when he gets angry or frustrated back at school, he should remember that he is capable of good behavior and making new friends and good choices!

I can really see that Hart got a lot out of the weekend. Last year, he was merely "attending," and this year he was a full participant. I confess I didn't see much of him. He took his childcare obligations and partying very seriously.

I wish I could bottle and package whatever is in the air at Camp Beber over Memorial Day and dole it out to Hart throughout the year. If only.

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