December 11, 2008


Dear YLJF,

My weight tends to fluctuate a lot. I feel like I am maintaining three separate wardrobes. It's disheartening and expensive.

___________________________________ Small, Medium, Large

Dear SML,

With a little resourcefulness and ingenuity, you will have one all-purpose wardrobe.

First, buy all bottoms; jeans, trousers, skirts, in your largest size. If you lose a few pounds, you can easily use a large safety pin to make the waistband a bit tighter. If you wish to camouflage this, wear a jacket or an untucked shirt. But if you don't, people will compliment you on your weight loss.

Buy all blouses in the middle size. If one gets a bit snug, safety-pin the front so it doesn't gap across the bust. Once you lose a few pounds, wear it open over another shirt, jacket-style.

Presto! One workable wardrobe.

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