September 4, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

I am a life-long liberal Democrat, so it pains me to tell you that John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to win the coming election. This is how I know:

My mother, a life-long conservationist and environmentalist (even before it was fashionable) and a staunch pro-choice advocate, is leaning towards your opponent.

Hubris, stupidity, arrogance and lack of experience have never been a barrier to higher office.

Teen pregnancy is good, as long as the teens are white. It's heterosexual, anti-contraceptive and pro-life.

Proximity to another country is prima facie expertise in foreign policy.

Women who hunt and fish are hot. It's a primal thing that educated, elitists like ourselves do not understand.

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Chris said...

I'm so very glad you were wrong (not meaning to offend here). I had my own hopes set so incredibly high on this that I didn't believe CNN until McCain actually began his concession speech.

I'm from Youngstown (commented tonight on your Lawson's post), and now live in Denver. My family of 14 (1950s-60s Irish Catholic family) was split almost evenly -- 8 confirmed Obama supporting siblings, and 6 suspected McCain supporters. Youngstown is a hotbed of Democratic ideals, and Denver is not much different. However, if you travel a few miles South of either city, you will be in hostile territory if you loved Obama. This was a nail biter, even as I canvassed on Election Day and was deep in the campaign for the better part of this year.

You blog is great reading! Keep it going, please.