April 9, 2008

Techno Tuck-In

At fourteen and a half, the boys think they are too old for me to read bedtime stories, but I am not about to give up on the joys of leisure "reading" quite yet. So the bedrooms are equipped with a boom box and a few "high-interest" audiobooks from our local public library.

Yesterday, I was the first one to check out something new, PLAYAWAY®, from the library. For the same loan period as a print copy or recording, a borrower can check out a small, dedicated MP3 player with a recorded book. So now, Jeff is proudly several chapters ahead of his classmates in THE GIVER by Lois Lowry.

The boom box is still getting use--I put on Newbery Award-winner, RABBIT HILL by Robert Lawson, this evening.

"What's happening so far?" I asked after about twenty minutes of listening.

"Oh, the bunnies are just talking."

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