March 10, 2008


The Zamboni shirt, the skeleton skater shoes, the Texas t-shirt . . . these are a few of our favorite things! Funny how these came to be beloved articles of clothing, considering that Hart and Jeff have never actually shopped for clothes, in an actual store. The clothing fairy provides all their clothes and shoes. Luckily, she has a good idea of what they like to wear: pants with elastic waistbands; cotton shirts; nothing in "clown colors" yellow, orange or purple; athletic socks that are NOT white.

In fact, the clothing fairy has strong preferences, too. As a guiding principle, she hates to see disabled children who look their mother, or worse, their grandmother, dressed them. Is there an IEP ruling that says these kids must wear shirts buttoned to neck, high-water pants and NOTHING that remotely resembles what their peers are wearing? The clothing fairy cares, even if the kids are indifferent.

However, during a shortcut through Nordstroms, Cupid's arrow struck Hart: he fell in love with a pair of shoes. They were indeed some stylin' shoes, I had to concede. But they cost more than the clothing fairy's usual budget allows. Hart has not forgotten the shoes and talks about them constantly.

It recently occurred to me that the clothing fairy has done an admirable job for over twelve years. Maybe it's appropriate for the boys to assert their own style perferences. After all, the clothing fairy knows a bit about shoe-love herself.

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