January 23, 2008

I didn't see that one coming . . .

R is a tireless PTO mom. I am always amazed at her energy and humor. While ostensibly talking today about our upcoming fundraiser, but mostly lamenting our sons' "adventures," she said, "Y'know, sometimes it just sucks to be me." R, I hear you. I swear I could not make this stuff up.

Memo: to school behaviorists, social workers and teachers

Since there is never a dull moment here, we have a new problem behavior. I hope you social workers can address this individually with each boy, since I am sure it will only escalate from here. Today, after school, Hart peed on Jeff's bed, while Jeff was in it! Jeff reports that this is not the first time, but it's the first time I have learned of it.

Detective Mom was on the scene of the crime and questioned both perps. As suspected, Hart tried to get Jeff's attention or get him to play, and either Jeff rebuffed him or teased him with his &$#&*@ toy horse. Hart has practiced a few verbal strategies with his private therapist, but this dynamic is pretty entrenched here. Hart was making a desperate bid for attention, and frankly, it worked.

I have previously talked to Jeff about saying, "I will play with you in a half hour," or something similar. He does not want to do that because a) it's not as much fun as antagonizing Hart and b) I am a "bitch." This was minutes AFTER his Hebrew tutor reviewed the Ten Commandments with Jeff.(We call this "chutzpah.")

Hart got his one stern warning, but if there is any more peeing inappropriately, we are going to the hospital. I also remind both boys that any threats or attempts to hurt me will result in a 911 call, and the police can escort them here instead.

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