November 12, 2007

The plot is so familiar . . .

First there was a truck that was going to the potion store. On the way to the store the truck stopped suddenly because there was a bunny rabbit. A barrel of potions fell out of the truck and rolled to a swamp near a shed with spiders.

Next the potion spread around the spider cages. Next the spiders got bigger and they broke out of their cages. Then the spiders took some people out of their cars and ate their lungs, their brains and guts. Then some people shot the spiders in their hearts. Last they killed some of them. The other ones escaped and went underground. They found a gas leak so one of them touched it and it exploded of flames so the spiders died in the flames but they were not dead.

The king spider escaped out of the cave before the flames got him, then he left. When he left the cave he went to the village. Then he ate the people that were left and then he ran away because there was a bomb. The people tricked the spider by using the a bomb and the spider died the next day.

Jeff November 2007

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