October 14, 2007


Last year at this time, Hart and Jeff were still sweet-faced little boys, eligible for trick-or-treating. In the past twelve months, they have morphed into sinewy young men with broad shoulders, six-pack abs and bass voices. Hardly candy-begging material. The question is: do they feel they have outgrown Halloween?

Can they go cold turkey on the candy? Will they be happy doing a "big-kid" job of being treater, instead of treatee? In my youth, sixth grade was the trick-or-treat cut-off. A few fifth graders foreswore the practice a year early, but that was tantamount to being a show-off. Junior high kids going begging? I have had high school students come to the door for candy!

In past years, the boys have been pleased to wear whatever homemade costumes I put together for them. But I can't get excited about outfitting 14-year-olds. They haven't mentioned costumes yet, but they have talked about candy. Maybe I will be a witch this year, and just tell them that they are too old to go trick-or-treating.

Halloween 2006

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