June 27, 2007

Harry Potter and the Unfortunate Delay

Last year, I started a post called HARRY POTTER AND THE WISDOM OF TORAH. I decided to wait until the final book came out to rework the entry before posting it. My intent was to offer a rebuttal to any of the religious carping about the Harry Potter books. Those of you who know me know that no one insults Harry in my presence and gets away with it!

Well, someone beat me to the punch . . . there is a new book out called HARRY POTTER AND TORAH. (I think my title is better though.)

I have to read HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS first, then read Dov Krulwich's book to see if he has additional ideas I can "borrow."

It now appears that this is hardly an original idea. (Great minds . . . ?) Here's another article on the same idea.

Thanks to Dov Krulwich's book, I learned that "AbraCadabra" means "I create as I speak" in Hebrew. We all know that the Avada Kedavra curse is J.K. Rowling's play on AbraCadabra . . . . however, I didn't know that Avada Kedavra is Hebrew, too. It means, "I destroy as I speak."

Nifty, huh?


Dov said...

Welcome to the world of Torah wisdom relating to Harry Potter! "Harry Potter and the Wisdom of Torah" is definitely a good Harry Potter-esque title -- no comment on how they compare!

I look forward to reading your post, feel free to build on anything I wrote in my book or in my blog.

I also used to live in Chicago, in West Roger's Park. Regards to the windy city.

--Dov Krulwich

runciblespn said...

It is many years later now. The books and movie cycle are both long completed. However, a friend told me that her synagogue is holding a Harry Potter-themed Kaplan weekend. So it is time to trot out my fan fiction, Dov's book, and my storehouse of Harry Potter resources.

Contemporary readers are obsessed with The Hunger Games series, and The Hobbit movie, Part III is opening next week . . . . .

runciblespn said...

Whoops, darn autocorrect. That should be "kallah."