April 6, 2007


A year or so ago, Jeffrey took strange delight in harassing a classmate who had similar sensory issues, by creeping up and making a ringing sound. This was very distressing, and Jeff got a big kick out of the boy's reaction. Then Jeff went off to junior high and I never really thought about it again. In fact, I haven't seen this particular kid in over a year.

The reason: He has developed an irrational panic disorder about Jeff. He hasn't been able to attend any event or school program that Jeff may or may not be attending without having a complete breakdown. His friends and classmates have taken it upon themselves to act as lookouts so that they can warn this boy if Jeff is in the vicinity. Jeff is blissfully unaware of this, and I was, too, until his mother told me so she can implement an intervention with the help of a behavioral therapist.

How crazy does a kid have to be to make another crazy kid even crazier?

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