March 3, 2007

Spelling Homework

Use each of this week's spelling words in a sentence.

The cows on the farm ran away to Wisconsin.

When the cows arrived to Wisconsin, they had a par-tay!

Then the cows went on the track and stole the train.

When they located a car, they went off the train and stole it and went to the country.

One of the cows asked, "Sir, are you using this table?"

All the cows were seated on top of the table.

Then the cows went to math class and did all the division problems for all the kids.

There was a tornado: it effected all the houses. The cows started the tornado.

The cows underlined 700 sentences.

The police saw the cows in the view, and went to the cows. The cows smashed his car completely.

I loved reading the story you created from your spelling words, Jeff!!!! Ms. D.

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