July 27, 2006

Summer Journal 2006

June 26, 2006
I went to camp. I went in a tent and had marshmallows. Next morning I went to bingo and got some prizes.

June 27, 2006
yesterday I was bored. Because my brother was not here. He is at camp. He will be there for two weeks.

June 28, 2006
Yesterday I did one model of a roadster. next I panted my other model silver. Then I saw a thunderstorm I was not afraid.

June 29, 2006
Yesterday I went to the movies. I saw Jack Black the movie. liked it because it was funny.

June 30, 2006
Yesterday I had a nap because I was bored. Then I had dinner. Next I went to see Shani Davis. He is a olympic skater.

July 5, 2006
I went to the fireworks and I had fun. next I went to a parade in Chicago. Last I had a party at my dad's house.

July 6, 2006
Yesterday I was bored at home. So I went to play with Hart. We traded cars. Then we had dinner. We had Mexican.

July 7, 2006
I did "fast forward" at school. I made chocolate pancake. My favorite thing is to go home from school in a taxi.

July 10, 2006
I went to a fair. I listened to music. I was walking with mom. I had a hot dog.

July 11, 2006
I like to sleep instead of going to school I like to play with Hart when I don't have school.

July 12, 2006
I went outside. I set my trucks out and Mom totally smashed my metal dump truck and I had to throw it away. Then I went to the movies.

July 13, 2006
Me and mom and Hart went to the schools. They were closed. So we went home. At home we played with cars.

July 14, 2006
today I saw a movie. It was about soldiers. the soldiers fight a space creature.

July 18, 2006
I had some ice cream at home. I went to the pool and I went to the slide and got wet. Then I went home and played with Hart.

July 20, 2006
I finished my model car. Next I looked the other way to not see Hart's helicopter when it was done. Next I had ice cream at home.

July 21, 2006
I had a blast at home when Hart gave me the truck. Next I went to speed skating. We got oreo chocolate ice cream.

July 24, 2006
the best thing this weekend was going to the pool. next I went in Hart's bed to play. I was playing with cars.

July 26, 2006
today is my last day in computers. I am glad to not got to computer tomorrow. I am going to watch a movie tomorrow.

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